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The Optac campaign was to launch a new tachograph reader onto the European market, namely UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, and Sweden.

Role: As Marketing Executive I was responsible for the marketing strategy behind the product launch having inherited a stalled performance from my predecessor.

Trade Execution

With the benefit of sales history but the restrictions of a severely limited spend across international markets I concluded the policy of “awareness marketing” needed to replaced by a “direct response” approach. After presenting and gaining management buy-in I was able to launch the OPTAC campaign into the marketplace.

  • Introduced campaign management through deadline driven multi-channel delivery
  • Review of all marketing material
  • Development of location specific marketing material in local languages
  • Development of the multi-lingual eCommerce website through supervision of the Website Manager
  • Focused PR campaign through key Trade Magazines
  • Coupons and Competitions
  • Introduction of a Trade Referral scheme
  • Trade advertising campaign based on Direct Response Marketing and AIDA sales principles
  • Recruited 2 multi-lingual direct sales staff for cold calling campaign
  • Participation at Spanish Exhibitions
  • Support of local market initiatives


  • Turned a failing Marketing strategy into a profitable campaign contributing to the doubling of the size of the company over 3 years

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