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During a period of secondment my role was to investigate the current performance,


As the  companies first Web Channel Consultant one of the main issues needing addressed was the cultural challenges within the organisation and the focus on the failing movemachine project. There was a persuading role to be played and it was important to canvass decision makers in the right forum. In November 2008 when web 2.0 was just beginning to make headlines I presented to the CEO and Management Team my proposals for the introduction of web 2.0 techniques focusing on the value of Facebook and the newly introduced Facebook Marketplace. This eventually led to the acceptance for the need to move with the times and the addition of a section based on blogging into the upgraded website.

Perhaps embracing social networking would have taken place without my initiative but it needs an initiator to raise awareness and stimulate interest and without my presentation to the Management Team change though likely would have taken longer to adopt.

This strategy produced significant achievements by maintaining volume visits during a period of free fall sales decline.
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