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VELUX – A National website in a global market

Designing a website from scratch is a considerable challenge. With no site framework to inherit and few points of reference, the challenge in 1997 was to provide the first UK website for Construction industry market leaders VELUX.

The Approach:

  • Conducted an extensive study of the business including structure, goals, Marketing strategy, sales channels, and existing promotional literature
  • A clear understanding of the Corporate Visual Identity as applied to an international company while designing a site for a national and diverse target audience
  • Customer segmentation from an end user to Architects, Builders Merchants, Installers and new Homebuilders. The clear distinction and peculiarities of the audience had to be reflected while avoiding the need for separate sites.
  • Embarked on a steep learning curve by studying new techniques in “writing for the web” and SEO

The Solution:

The end proposal was to design an audience-centric site focused on the needs of diverse visitors delivering the specific type of information each required.  With both B2C and B2B customers to cater for I created an “Architects Lounge” to distinguish the technical area from the more generalist information required by other segments. Inspirational photography was introduced to inspire Architects designs, a strategy which was supported by traditional marketing material, extensive Exhibitions and the newly launched VELUX Architects Competition – all of which remained within my remit.

With 92% market share the site also had to reflect the dominance of VELUX and focus on the conceptual sell of an attic conversion. By persuading our audience to use “room on the roof” our aim was to grow the market size, not the market share. With 9 out of 10 windows sold already coming to VELUX growing the market for our competition seemed a justifiable trade-off for a constant share of a bigger market.


SEO was supported by paid search in the form of ppc campaigns and banner advertising, and the incorporation of the URL into all traditional campaigns. The website became a major tool to promote both attendance at Exhibitions and the “Paint the Town Red” campaign which made the re-launch of over 1,000 variants of Roof Windows a major success. As the Marketing Services Manager my role was at the heart of business development employing traditional techniques while pioneering digital marketing at a time when the landscape was still misunderstood.


The sophistication of the site and the flexibility of design presented further opportunities to promote future promotional campaigns including product launches and re-designs, attendance at Exhibitions, competitions and valuable services. This culminated in the development of the electronic shop for the After Sales Service – the first of its kind in a global group already established in over 50 countries.

Stoneridge Electronics presents a different challenge – how to design a single site for multiple markets

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