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Winning the Plain English Web Award in 2005 gives external recognition to good copywriting skills

In 2005 my contracted role was to provide maternity cover for the Website Manager giving me a first class opportunity not only to to develop a 3,500 HTML page website but provide the development strategy to a major Local Government communication channel. The Council invested in copywriting skills which were provided by DRCC Ltd an independent company specialising in content strategy and opywriting.

As sole Website Manager 9 months into my tenure the Council won the Plain English Web Award 2005 for the “UK’s clearest website”. This was achieved by:

  • A consistent tone of voice and adhering to W3C accessibility guidelines
  • The development of a pool of Web Editors representing each Department to populate the site
    • My personal training 40 new staff members in the use of the CMS and Writing for the Web
    • Revision courses for 35 existing Editors
    • Usability training in page formatting and the use of the “F” shape, eye tracking, and SEO

“We felt the site is extremely clear, well written and accessible. If only similar sites could be as good”. – Ben Beer of the Plain English Campaign.

The Variety of Communication Channels and tasks confirms an ability to write for the medium and target audience

Hard copy writing for Traditional Marketing

Writing for the web is of course is distinctly different from writing hard copy. I have extensive experience of writing BLT promotional material as demonstrated through:

  • The development of brochures, Direct Mailing campaigns, advertising and Press Releases. These were expressed at
    • Nestle Ltd – Assistant Brand Manager
    • Britvic Soft Drinks Ltd – Trade Marketing Executive
    • VELUX – Marketing Services Manager and later as Commercial Manager for the UK and Ireland
    • Capital Communications Group – Marketing Manager
    • Stoneridge Electronics Ltd – Marketing Executive
    • Standard Life Plc – eCommerce Development Consultant

Classically trained in Traditional Marketing techniques by genuine Blue Chip companies I was later to add copywriting for the web to my skills portfolio.

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