"VELUX logo"A £340,000 Exhibition budget calls for good Project Management

Exhibitions were a key part of the VELUX Marketing plan and throughout my 6 years with the company I retained ownership for delivery. Responsibilities were all inclusive from briefing the Creative Agency on stand design, to negotiating stand costs, organising transport, developing promotional material, reserving accommodation, supervising up to 15 Technicians during build-up and breakdown and stand management – “from concept to cloths”.

Interbuild Exhibition

VELUX exhibitions were not basic shell schemes but often huge constructions requiring a 3 – 4 days build time. We targeted both consumers and business segments and were regulars at the construction industry’s flagship exhibition Interbuild. Other favourites included Self Build Shows, the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show, and Ireland’s “Our House” Exhibition.

With significant budgets I was able to raise profile at every opportunity and it was common place to position VELUX banners in prominent positions throughout the exhibition halls. I also sponsored carrier bags at the door entry, branded stair risers and employed models to distribute flyers. Our high spend often allowed our logo to be woven into the carpets at the entrance halls and VELUX flags lining the  drive-ins. So high profile and overpowering did we become we often received comments from delegates that “VELUX are everywhere” and the shows should be renamed “the VELUX Exhibitions”. Of course we reaped the rewards from building good relations with the organisers but the money helped!

The Exhibitions were enormously rewarding on a personal basis but with the demands of retaining ownership over web design, man management and commercial performance within the After Sales department the role was a conundrun- hugely demanding yet immensely satisfying.

The VELUX Architects Competition

"VELUX Award Ceremony"

RIBA President David Rock and Peter Finch, Editor of the Architects Journal announce the winners at the Award Ceremony

At VELUX one of our key aims was to change the perception of architects that a VELUX Roof Window was the starting point around which to build rather than an after thought for the sole purpose of providing light. We were also challenged by the need for new house designs to support our argument so I proposed an Architects competition where we invited key industry figures to serve on a panel of judges. My role was from concept to implementation. This involved writing the competition brief, identifying the judges, publicity, hospitality, the Award Ceremony at RIBA premises in London and follow-up Exhibition from competition entrants. I also obtained agreement with the Architects Journal to run the the competition in association with the publication, increasing both profile and credibility.

With prize funds of £20,000 and a £50,000 budget the event became a annual calendar event within the construction industry.

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