Step by Step Approach to growing Twitter Followers

By TwitterButtons.comThere is no easy way to gaining relevant Twitter followers and building your Twitter network is hard work. For those about to embark on a Twitter strategy it should of course be viewed not in isolation but as part of your Social Networking campaign.

Get your name around before you start to build followers, and of course if you are a business it all starts with a website which delivers. Take part in Discussion Forums, join LinkedIn Groups and enter into online conversations. Start off with Twitter and Facebook accounts but make sure you have your own Blog first! They all support each other and if you can get your mix right you increase your chances of success.

Twitter Basics

  • Create your account using Keywords in Bio. This increases your chances of being found.
  • Register with the Twitter Directories such as Wefollow, ListoriousJusttweetit, or Twellow.
  • Use hastags to be seen by like minded people. By using hashtags you can be found in searches and are more likely to be contacted as part of the overall discussion.
  • Follow relevant people and engage with them.
  • Follow event # and get involved in the discussion.
  • Retweet Retweet and Retweet. People will appreciate your help in exposing their tweets to a bigger audience and may reciprocate if you have something valuable to say. Others will start to notice you seem to source valuable articles or Blogs and view you as a Blogger worth following on a regular basis.
  • Use tools available such as Twellow to search for your target audience.
  • Twitterholic is the web’s definitive list of the top Twitter users, but it can also show you the top users in your local metro area. Simply navigate to your own Twitterholic page then find the line about how you rank in your location and click on the link to your metro area. Twitterholic will then load up a list of the most popular Twitter users in your town or city. This list is not  all inclusive, because Twitter users with a small number of followers will only be on the list if they have previously crawled their stats on Twitterholic. Still, it is a good way to find some of the more influential (or at least popular) Twitter users in your area, and those are people you may want to follow.
  • If you are a local business you may want to target only those within a certain radius of your business. For example Advanced Twitter search allows us to find people locally and who are tweeting in real time while TwellowHood is a local directory of Twitter users from the site Twellow.The site is very simple to use, just click on the map to zoom into your area and browse the list of local tweeters. The site even lets you view recent tweets and follow new users directly from their Twellow listing page.
  • Follow those who follow you, but keep them relevant. Always check their latest tweets to ensure they speak the same language. Many are simply spam and just clog up the arteries.
  • Follow Lists and create your own. As your account gets bigger you need to breakdown the topics in order to participate in the conversations.
  • Once established create a poll for your network, ask for it to be RT.
  • Thank people who RT your tweets – otherwise they may not do it again!
  • Give and share more than you take. Your business will grow if you offer white papers, advice and a website worth review. Let the strength of your other online tools be the convertors.
  • Decide on your tone of voice. Most are personal, not corporate, but it depends on the subject and the target audience.
  • Tweet as often as you can and in peak times. If necessary use Tweetdecks scheduler.
  • Add your Twitter username to your email signature, business cards and any other marketing material.
  • Attend Tweetups in your area, search on Twtvite to find where they are taking place and arrange some of your own.

Have I got the basics right? What other tips or advice would you add to the list?


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