Depression Alliance Scotland

"Depression Alliance Scotland"

Depression Alliance Scotland

Depression Alliance Scotland

(Re-branded Action On Depression)

Challenge: To review the performance of the existing information driven website and re-design according to the interpretation of the site analytics



Depression Alliance Scotland (DAS) are the only charitable Scottish organisation combatting and raising awareness of depression in Scotland.

As part of the Standard Life Community Investment Programme I was asked to work on a 4 months secondment at the DAS premises in Edinburgh and provide web development skills using the Drupal Content Management System.

The site was assessed using Google Analytics with the results indicating a failing performance against many of the standard KPI’s. With customers viewing the website as a one visit one page resource it indicated the need for a blank canvass.


To reposition the website changing the main focus from information on depression to promoting the DAS services. This shifting emphasis would:

  • Promote the genuine USP’s found within the DAS service
  • Re-position DAS by creating a genuine customer journey which mirrored the clients own experience of depression. This would encourage return visits to pages displaying content reflecting the various stages of their private battle. This journey within the website would allow the visitor to:
  • Identify symptoms and persuade the visitor on the need for help
  • Investigate the possible causes of their depression and self-diagnose on the depression type
  • Provide signposting on the options available
  • Introduce new features into the main navigation to encourage repeat visits
    • Such as following the Diary of a real person suffering from depression and their everyday battle
  • Encourage higher levels of eNewsletter subscription for ongoing acquisition and future customer engagement
  • Provide dynamic content throughout for greater customer engagement and improved SEO
  • A genuine relationship with the customer replacing the original 1 hit service

The Development process

  • A study of the DAS organisation to gain an understanding of the services available and customer needs
  • Analysis of site intelligence and presentation of proposals
  • Agreement on site purpose and functionality
  • Keyword and competitor analysis
  • Re-design of the Sitemap based on the above
  • Re-write of the existing site material and optimisation
  • Introduction of calls to action throughout the site
  • Usability testing

Steps to optimisation

First SEO Step: After individual page keyword analysis the site findability has been strengthened through unique meta information and optimized with well written content. Conversion aspects are all in place through calls to action and the user experience now mirrors the visitors own journey to maximise the returns from our online marketing efforts.

Second SEO Step: A link building strategy with a 12 month plan outline of every month to market Depression Alliance Scotland is now in place.

Third SEO Step: Once the new website is complete it will be supported by a Facebook fan page making it visible along with a Twitter account.

Fourth SEO Step: Once established online the plan is to move into viral marketing with the objective of achieving very targeted one way links to the website.


The site was launched in June 2011 after successful completion of the re-branding process.

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