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Edinburgh Solicitors Property Centre (ESPC) Ltd

Challenge: To protect the ESPC’s position of market leadership in East Central Scotland and combat threats from new technology driven entrants



The ESPC, has for nearly 40 years dominated property market sales in East Central Scotland. Nevertheless, their business model is threatened by new entrants and the changing business environment. With the breakdown of barriers to entry and new challenges created via the internet, competitors such as Rightmove were able to offer a similar service at lesser cost to ESPC Solicitor Members. I was employed as ESPC’s first Web Channel Consultant to provide a web solution that would safeguard their core business.


Although ESPC enjoyed 2.5m unique annual visitors our USP providing access to the largest volume of properties for sale or rent in the marketplace would be undermined immediately the competitions volume equalled that of the ESPC. My proposal was to reposition the website from a successful property search tool to an all embracing point of reference for all matters related to the property sector. This would maintain the relationship with the customer before, during, and after house purchase.


  • Maintained site visits during a period of free fall market decline
  • Introduced a dynamic feature based content rich website to:
    • Improve SEO
    • Created strong features to engage the audience, lengthen the time on site, increase the number of page views, and encourage repeat visits
      • Features covered diverse areas from mortgage advice to interior house design, employing removal companies to kitchen suppliers, or from renovators to landscape gardeners
  • Introduced a new sitemap and “look and feel”
  • Introduced greater flexibility for revenue generating opportunities via site design and affiliate marketing
  • Introduced a segmented database and subscription marketing based on customer interests supported by email marketing campaign
  • Provided market first proposalsto support ESPC “Premier Properties” by offering premium house owners a “pick and mix” value added service based on web templates
    • Each property would have its own individual website with a choice of colour schemes, page numbers, unique content, music, voice-over and 360º tours
  • By optimising the database via conversion into static web pages (in liaison with IT) over 5,500 pages were spidered increasing from an initial figure of fewer than 300 HTML pages
  • Presented my plans to the Board for their first steps into UGC and web 2.0

Through the benefits of re-positioning I proposed the transformation of an aging business model into a modern and vibrant technology driven cash cow.

Under-resourced and with the company strategy focused on alternative markets (a policy which failed) the current site reflects the general direction but remains short on my overall vision. Nevertheless a legacy from which to build.

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