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Challenge: To review the existing sites and propose enhancements

Websites – Employee Zone and Group pensions Zone


Both sites are fully transactional secure websites designed to administer individual and corporate (employer) pensions. My key role has been to review site strategy and provide a vision for the future provision of Standard Life Corporate pensions. My secondary role was to support our existing service through the provision of a full digital marketing plan, and where applicable, integrate with traditional marketing methods.


Presented to Customer Services Director level, and the Head of Marketing Communications – went beyond the brief. I concluded that to empower customers and de-mystify pensions the current online service was in need of complete review.

I advocated:

  • An online service capable of providing pension solutions to the mass market
  • One website resulting in the integration of 40 existing websites
  • A dynamic customer centric personalised website, and improved site interaction
  • Cross and up-selling across the full range of Standard Life policies
  • Introduction of web 2.0 techniques within the framework of the website
  • Fund selection using the principles of Stumbleupon
  • Subscription marketing
  • SMS and email alerts triggered by market conditions and customer behaviour
  • A mobile browser compatible website
  • A supportive digital marketing campaign embracing social networking
  • The managed decline of the need for Independent Financial Consultants


I was able to show a vision of the future where, for the first time, new technology had opened realistic possibilities for access to the mass market, and where customer empowerment was achievable through the adoption of web 2.0 techniques into the design of the website. This solution addresses the unanswered questions of how to make pensions simpler and available to the mass market, but perhaps at this stage in development is too revolutionary in style in that it advocates change to the entire business model within the Financial sector.

Keeping up with the pace of change: I write a monthly Online Report on the activities within the digital landscape monitoring new developments applying to all sectors. This keeps my knowledge current and up-to-date and is distributed to senior managers including the Directors of Digital Marketing and Customer Services.

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