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Challenge: To provide a bespoke website specific to the UK and Irish market while complimenting the existing global corporate dot com website


Background: In 1997 VELUX enjoyed 92% market share and had web presence through our corporate website managed by our Danish parent company. The brief was to develop our own dot UK version with a view to the UK and Irish markets. The “look and feel” had to retain our Corporate Visual Identity while adding value to both B2C and B2B consumers.

Target Groups

Business groups:

  • National Wholesale Merchants and Retailers
  • National Homebuilders and Loft Conversion companies
  • Architects


  • Self Builders
  • Homeowners (including VELUX Blind users)
  • After Sales (Repairs – maintenance and prevention)

As one of the drivers of the UK and Ireland marketing strategy I wanted to reflect the company’s position of leadership and market dominance. By designing a website which remained consistent with our brand values, our Corporate Visual Identity, and capable of communicating our core proposition that VELUX was “more than a window” but a design statement, my design positioned our windows as an aspirational lifestyle product and that through the web channel both awareness and profitable ecommerce was achievable.

With such a diverse audience I created a website which catered for distinct interests. Through the main navigation tree I channeled the different segments by engineering traffic to findable areas where killer content converted to action. This can be demonstrated through use of an “Architects Lounge” for professionals who wanted to source technical details for product specification while in the main navigation I created tabs for our After Sales service. I later developed this into an electronic shop for ordering either spare parts or the services of a technician making it the first of its kind within the worldwide group. I also designed a separate blinds section for the homeowner making use of the aspirational photography unique to VELUX.

Together they positioned our website from a potentially limited informational tool to a transactional revenue generating commercial channel.


As market leaders there were few reference websites. With no predecessor I had to be creative in serving relevant content (multimedia, flash, etc.) and monitor what drove visitors to our website.

Prior to launch I agreed with management the measures of success:

  • Traffic metrics
  • Link strategy
  • An analysis of keywords visitors used in the search engines
  • Bounce rates, Length of visits, page views, unique visitors, and hits
  • Transaction metrics
  • Sales growth through the ecommerce channel
  • Target conversion and return on investment (ROI)
  • Reduction in the number of calls coming through the Technical Support Team
  • Monitoring the competition and the mirrored performance of our market dominance through consistent search engine rankings

Later to become the Commercial Manager for the UK and Ireland I retained my influence over the website while providing the strategy which grew our After Sales Business from £1.04 m to £1.7m in one year.

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